surullinen kynä b Kynän suru 1 Ablution Whats the hurry? With tremor and respect Journey Express loan (on background) Joy Prayer-of-the-wall-2 meri Tom of Finland Sininen laituri Cave on an island beach Tee_hanen_polustaan_valoista&puhdas_Pupu Linnunrata He 24.3.2015 Gardener’s heaven Ukraine, they loved eachother, but one had to be destroyed When I pronounce the word silence, I destroy it My way And They Took Selfies as They Ate Carrots_1 Nine colours, Express loan, Skull, The walls have ears... Tear Dryer (detail) The marks of sorrow Prayer of the wall My Sorrow Can't Stop an Iceberg from Melting I have seen the light kello 2 (3) I would like to understand Mourning Silence Crystal-chandelier – Window to the sky The Walls have ears and ears have pretty earrings It is not too late Nest of Light What´s the hurry? Scapegoat Consumption Snake Pissoir Flowing Wall Albino Soul Encounter Encounter Source – President Urho Kekkonen´s Memorial Life Story Clear conscience Ramble Creeper Rainbow Hall of Echoes Under the Sky My candle burned at both ends Revelation Revelation Bearer of light Table The Red Thread “Holy Ceremony” Nest of Light Waiting The island that wanted to become strong J.V.Snelmans memorial Light Pearl Fisher Vita Nuova I am east, I am west I have seen the light World On the Way to Happiness 56 Tom of Finland Jano